Complete Build-Out of 21,000 SF

Landivar & Associates was contracted by the General Services Administration (GSA) to reconfigure its office space throughout three floors of a building. The project consisted of providing swing space and a complete build-out of 21,000 square feet of space including conference rooms, kitchenettes, vending machine areas mechanical HVAC systems, fire alarms systems, electrical work, and tele/data cabling design installation. During construction, the project evolved from a single floor renovation to managing construction within occupied spaces and relocating furniture between floors. A modification to the contract was also awarded to provide full service construction services for the renovation of two additional floors including the installation of new security and IT cable integration systems.

During the construction, Landivar & Associates constantly monitored the overall project status and ensured that all materials and labor were in strict compliance with the construction documents, specifications, and approved submittals. The Architect, engineers, and superintendents conducted weekly site visits together where they discussed any field specific issues, deficiencies, and potential problem avoidance.

Throughout the entire operation, Landivar & Associates worked together with Gruzen Samton Architects in order to develop a continuous work flow during the various phases of the build.

Common Area 2

Common Area 3

Reception Area

Common Area 4