Complete Build-Out of 8,500 SF

The team was contracted to provide architectural, design, and construction services to the owner. The project consisted of a complete build-out of 8,500 SF including office space, collaboration areas, conference rooms, storage rooms, a break room, and an information technology room. This project was to incorporate the use of demountable partitions and systems furniture in order to create a flexible design of the space that would be easy to reconfigure.

Landivar & Associates updated the schedules weekly and reviewed all milestone activities in order to ensure the project was completed in the agreed upon timeframe. The team also ensured that all the parties involved were aware of current activities and integrated any modification the owner requested. The group also worked closely with the facility’s management teams to limit tenant inconvenience and reduce any rescheduling.

Landivar & Associates also ensured all materials and overall labor was in strict compliance with the construction’s documents, specifications and approved submittals. Weekly field site visits were conducted in which the owner representatives, architects, engineers, and the superintendent walked the space together and discussed field specific issues, deficiencies, and all corrective action that was required.

3-5 Common Area

3-5 Cubicle 3

Cubicle 1

Office 1