Recertification & Renovation,
While Maintaining Bio-Safety Level Three

The project involved the replacement of existing control devices and controls in order to maintain Bio-safety Level Three (BSL-3) lab pressurization requirements as well as interfacing the new controls with the current Siemens Automated Building System (BAS). The team was also required to provide testing, balancing, and commissioning of all HVAC equipment and circuits related to the BSL-3 lab so that it could meet re-certification requirements. During the renovation, Landivar & Associates had to procure all necessary labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the work in accordance with the contract drawings and specifications.

The project involved the replacement of five analog venture valves, the installation of two new pressure room controllers, a new BacNet Microserver, new exhaust fans and bypass damper controllers, a new UPS panel and new mechanical and electrical wiring for the laboratories. The group also performed site inspections and remote monitoring during the initial startup and operation of the system for a period of 15 days from startup.

Because BSL-3 laboratories requires the day to day handling of hazardous materials, strict protocols were introduced in the installation, testing, and commissioning of all equipment in order to guarantee a safe environment for the researchers. Daily site walks were also conducted by the group in order to provide quality work.