Reconfiguration of an Occupied Laboratory

research-lab-cThe project involved the installment of new exhaust systems for two occupied BSL-2 NIAID Laboratories, while at the same time maintaining the lab’s negative pressure. The work included new and existing ductwork modifications, new roof penetrations, the installation of a new exhaust fan, and electrical services. Our team also removed the old system, as well as sealing the existing roof penetrations. The Siemens Building Automation System (BAS) graphics were also updated with the new information to provide control and an alarm to the new exhaust fan and other devices.

Because Landivar & Associates understands the critical nature of occupied laboratories, the construction activities that were scheduled for after-hours weekday work were compressed into two long weekends. This helped reduce the impact to laboratory technicians. The laboratories were in operation all throughout the construction with minimal disruption to their research.

Landivar & Associates always ensures (through the submittal process) that the equipment and materials procured for the project were in compliance with the constructions documents. As the materials and equipment were delivered to the site, our team verified that it matched the approved submittals, and then recorded any issues that may have occurred. The defective materials were sent back to the distributor and replaced with quality controlled replacements.

During construction, weekly site visits were conducted. The architects, engineers and the superintendent walked the space together during these visits discussing field specific issues, deficiencies that may have emerged, corrective actions that may be required, and any problem that can be avoiding during the build.