Move Relocation
Move Relocation

Relocating Government Agencies, Developers & Property Managers

For over 10 years, Landivar & Associates has successfully provided comprehensive Move Relocation services to Government Agencies, Developers, and Property Managers. Several years of practical experience allows our firm to furnish any service requested in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our relocation management service minimizes the client’s overall work disruption and responds with effective knowledge-based logistical solutions. Our team focuses on all of the activities that must occur in preparation of the move to allow for research/business continuity and smooth transitions. We provide a continual and specified level of support and resources necessary to execute the Move Relocation plan until the entire client migration is successfully completed.

At Landivar & Associates we believe good communication is essential in all aspects of life not only work. Therefore, we are exceedingly meticulously with communication when it involves the relocation of a client. We make certain that all entities involved are cognizant of our pre-moving, during moving and post-moving plans. Our main objective is making certain our clients receive the utmost quality services.

Relocation Service Package includes but is not limited to:

• Transition Programming and Planning
• Budget Planning and Management
• Project Database Development and Asset Tracking Management
• Procurement Support
• Equipment and Technology Systems Relocation Management
• Research Subjects and Special Materials Management
• Surplus Equipment and Furniture Disposition
• Move Execution and Management
• Change Management, Communications, and Orientation Programs
• Post-Move Services
• Records and Collections Migration Services